Do LED Lights Make Good Stage Lighting?

Do LED Lights Make Good Stage Lighting?

Early on in the stage lighting industry LED lights were seen as a major expense and only a select few companies worked with them. That’s because they were new, expensive and not that familiar to the companies just yet. Now, many years later, LED lights are an industry standard for many companies and one of the first upgrades that stage lighting companies are making today is moving to LED light fixtures. There are many different benefits that come from the move and each one needs to be considered to fully understand the power of moving to LED technology.

They Work Just as Well

When properly used, LED lights offer lighting that’s just as capable as the old school incandescent lights. Not only that, but they are more flexible and offer more lighting options than many of the older light types did. That means you actually have more power to do exactly what you want to when using LEDs to light up your stage. There’s no need to worry about the lights being dim, or the light looking unnatural or uneven. With LEDs you can achieve results that are just as good and you’ll be very impressed with all the new options that you have to choose from as well.

LEDs Save Energy

LED lights are much more efficient than incandescent lights are. That’s why so many people use them at home to cut down on their energy consumption. This LED energy savings is even more obvious when using LED lights for stage lighting, because you need a lot more light. You can slash your energy usage into a fifth of what it once was when you switch to LEDs. That’s an impressive figure and something that can save you a considerable amount of money throughout the year.

Cut Down Maintenance Time

In environments where lights are used so heavily, maintenance is costly and time-consuming. Not only does it take a lot of time to swap out dying light bulbs, but there is gel to keep up with, cleaning tasks that you have to deal with and a whole lot of work that’s largely out the window when you use LED technology instead. When stage lighting with LEDs there really isn’t any maintenance at all. The lights just continue to do their job for many years. This saves you time and money and is a very important consideration when switching to LEDs.

LED stage lighting also isn’t nearly as costly as it once was. Sure, it will cost you a bit more than some of the older incandescent lights will today, but that investment won’t take very long to recoup, and you’ll enjoy a superior lighting setup from then on out as well. It’s just a good situation to be in and it’s worth the investment. If you want the very best lighting setup that you can do today for stage lighting work, LEDs are really the way to go. Even without all the benefits on this list it’s hard to consider the old-style lights when you have so many more options to choose from with LEDs.

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