Is an LED Sign a Good Investment for My Business?

Is an LED Sign a Good Investment for My Business?

Business owners are always looking for new ways to bring in more customers and to become more profitable. Often these enhancements come with an expense. It can be difficult deciding what a good expense is and what’s actually a waste of money. So, will that flashy new LED sign be beneficial to your business? Admittedly, a custom LED sign isn’t cheap, but will the investment pay off over time? It absolutely will, and this is why:


It is one of the most affordable types of advertising available today.

It is normal for businesses to spend money on newspapers, in online ads, on banner ads and just about any other type of advertising that you can think of. These expenses are a normal cost of doing business, but it only offers a short period of enhanced exposure (usually for a pretty significant dollar figure). An LED sign is different. By placing an LED sign at your company’s location, you are advertising for the lifetime of the sign. Imagine all the hundreds or thousands of people that will see the sign over its lifetime at the location. As long as the sign delivers an important message, or works to help others locate your business, it’s an excellent investment and much more affordable than any other investment in advertising that you’ll make.


Capture Impulse Shoppers

Another thing that many business owners don’t consider is that a good LED sign captures different customers than other forms of advertising does. That’s because an LED sign draws in impulse buyers interested in making a purchase immediately. Buyers that hear radio ads, that read an ad on Google or that see a billboard going down the road are not usually going to be those impulse buyers. That means your trusty LED sign is bringing in customers that you otherwise wouldn’t be getting. That offers a value all its own, and it isn’t even fair to compare other forms of advertising to an LED sign for that reason.


Enjoy Flexible Marketing

Many modern LED signs can be altered to show off new messages to interested buyers. When signs can be altered at will, it means you have a very flexible form of marketing that’s easy to custom tailor to the times. It’s no problem to alter that sign to talk about a local event taking place that week, and then to change the sign again for another local event. This could be a real issue when advertising through other means. Your LED sign allows you to keep up with trends and to market your business is ever-changing ways.


Improve Your Brand Image

A sign isn’t just a form of marketing for your business, it’s also a status symbol. Investing in a high quality sign shows that your business is doing good and that you can afford to invest in yourself. It’s the same as investing in quality fixtures and décor within your business, but this is a status symbol that people can see from the outside. When you add a high quality sign to your building, you’ll immediately be taken more seriously as a business, and that can result in more interested buyers using your services.

A high quality LED sign might seem like a pretty major expense at first glance, but all the benefits that it will bring to your business should more than make up for the costs associated. That’s why every serious business with a physical building location should invest in a good quality LED sign. It’s worth must more than the cost.

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