Wax Gets a New Candle

Wax Gets a New Candle

87-1272638074nxQEIf you’ve been following along with our blog, you’d know that LEDs are being used to illuminate EVERYTHING! Restaurants, movies, operating rooms, electronics and more have all received an LED makeover. That said, we’ll admit this one caught us by surprise.

Many vacationing in popular tourist spots throughout the United States have at least heard of┬áMadam Tussauds, the famous wax museum. The museum has multiple branches across the country, all of which are home to dozens of mind-blowing and accurate wax replicas of famous celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc. The museum’s San Francisco location has recently been outfitted with an impressive array of LEDs.

maxresdefault (16)The setup at Madam Tussauds is pretty high-tech. The lights can be configured to adjust for intensity, color, size, and much more. This has allowed the museum to highlight specific features, shapes, and shadows on their models to enhance their lifelike appearance.

The museum’s LED lighting makeover is impressive, and we’ve got a pretty high bar for “impressive” in the LED lighting industry. The ability of these lights to take a piece of art – these wax sculptures which are already so beautiful and intricate, and further enhance their beauty is enough to get any patron of the arts a little choked up.

We’ll leave it at this: we’re very proud to manufacture and produce high quality LED lighting solutions for our long list of happy clients. We’d love for you to be one of them. Contact Lane Tech Sales today for all your LED lighting needs!

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