LED Lights: So Versatile, You Can Even Wear Them!

LED Lights: So Versatile, You Can Even Wear Them!

LED wearables have been an up-and-coming trend for a while, offering people a way to shine just a little  brighter at night time events. These wearables last longer than traditional glow-stick style lights, and they offer a much brighter glow. Not only that, but many of them accept replaceable batteries, so you can enjoy your wearable long after the original battery life is depleted. Here are a few of the most popular LED wearables:

LED Necklaces

One very common LED wearable is the necklace. There is a huge variety of styles and color options to choose from, and the wearables glow bright. Many of the necklaces sold today come with replaceable batteries and can be enjoyed for many days of use before requiring a replacement. There are multi-color necklaces, or solid color options to choose from.

LED costumes

If you want to stand out in the middle of a party or other dark environment (especially during Halloween!), there’s no better way than by wearing an LED costume. There are clothing items like sweatshirts, gloves, skirts, masks, hats and more that all light up nice and bright. Slip one on to really enhance your look in the dark and to brighten up your celebration.


Little LED rings are a lot of fun because you can mix and match a bunch of different colors for the desired effect. Not only that, but they come in a bunch of different shapes and designs, making them cool and interesting even if you grow tired of one single ring design and want to move on to something new. Whether Halloween is coming up, you have a cool party to get ready for, or you just want to celebrate another special occasion, there is a cool design just right for your needs.


It’s an odd idea to create sunglasses designed for wearing at night, but that’s exactly what all the LED sunglasses are designed for. They offer minimum tint so that you can still see in the low-light conditions, but they feature a brilliant frame that lights up in multi-color extravagance. You’ll love the look of your new shades and how much they draw attention to your overall look. The sunglasses come in a wide range of colors and styles, but ultimately it’s up to you to choose the type that you like the best.

Body Lights

Pins, magnetic lights and clip on lights are all part of the popular LED wearables sold today. They can be attached anywhere and are reliable for lighting up any part of your body that you like. Attach them and enjoy the beautiful glow. They come in different mutlicolor and single color designs and are worth the investment.


Just like rings and necklaces, there is a wide collection of LED jewelry to choose from to dress up your overall look. If you’re trying to add more color to your look, or you just enjoy bracelets, you can choose from many bracelet styles and colors. The bracelets come in different thicknesses, with some very thin ones and some thicker options depending on your design preference.

LED wearables are fun and cool and a good way to stand out in the dark. There’s a huge range of wearable options to choose from, and it doesn’t matter what part of your body you want to light up, there is a wearable that will fit the need perfectly.

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