The Performance of LED Lighting in Cold Weather Conditions

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You’re probably hearing a lot about the great advantages of LED lighting systems these days.  In comparison to their fluorescent bulb counterparts, we already know that LEDs are a more energy efficient option, as well as a safer alternative for the environment. Did you also know that these lights are also sustainable through even the harshest and coldest weather conditions?  

It’s true!  LED lamps are an incredibly beneficial light source that you should be considering for your home and property, especially as the freezing winter months approach here in Chicago.  So, let’s take a closer look at all of the advantages LEDs have to offer to get you through the winter:   

Longer Lifespan

LED lighting systems have a much longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, especially when exposed to extreme weather.  Cold weather wears on electric bulbs very quickly due to their excess heat emission that causes them to burst when the temperature drops.  With LED lights, you won’t have this problem.  They don’t emit heat in the same way that electric bulbs do, and are therefore able to easily withstand harsh transitions between hot and cold.  Performance and longevity are simply not an issue.

Low Maintenance

By replacing your normal outdoor bulbs with LEDs, you eliminate the need for constant replacement saving you both time and money.  That’s especially important when facing cold weather, as it’s not likely that you’ll want to be spending a lot of time out on a ladder in a few feet of snow and freezing winds just to replace a bulb this winter.  

High Efficiency

LED systems offer a high level of efficiency.  When the mercury on the thermometer drops below freezing, electric bulbs have to use more power to emit heat in order to produce enough light.  LEDs, on the other hand, are high-efficiency light sources that can work under extreme forces.  They don’t have to work harder in order to produce more light; they are already built for such drastic changes in temperature making them the ideal option for outdoor lighting around your home and property.  They even come in all sorts of wattage options for varying needs.

Brighter Lighting

With LEDs, you can enjoy clearer visibility with brighter emissions, ideal for darker winter months and navigating extreme weather conditions.  As previously mentioned, LEDs don’t require a great amount of power in order to produce a brighter light.  Even the smallest watt LED bulbs can produce 30 lm/W, still better than what you would get from the highest functioning traditional, electric bulb.  LEDs are without a doubt your best option for lighting outdoor areas in colder weather.  

That cold winter chill is already starting to move into the Windy City, so don’t wait to install your new LED lighting system, today.  If you have any questions or want more information on the best options for your home and outdoor needs, contact our team at Lane Tech Sales.  We’re here to provide you with the best options in LED lighting solutions.  

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