Wimbledon Centre Court is to Get a LED Light System Upgrade

Wimbledon Centre Court is to Get a LED Light System Upgrade

There are few venues that place such an important emphasis on lighting as Wimbledon. The massive tennis facility has a retractable roof system that allows players to play out in the open sunlight during pleasant weather conditions, but that closes up when the weather gets bad so that games can continue. The owners of the Wimbledon facility decided to upgrade the lighting system currently in place on the roof to a modern LED array, and that should offer a wide-range of benefits to the owners of the complex.

It Will Make it Quicker to Resume Play

The old-style lighting system used at the Wimbledon main court took an extended period to warm up and start operating properly when it was called upon for use whenever the roof of the complex had to be closed for weather conditions. This isn’t an issue with the new state-of-the-art LED lighting system. The lights get bright very quickly and offer optimal lighting conditions to viewers nearly immediately. This makes it easy to get players back on the court when the weather turns bad and to ensure that they don’t cool off too much.  

Careful Testing

A great deal of care was put into the design of this lighting system to ensure that it offered the best level of quality for broadcasting the tennis matches. A mock-up of the center court was put together at the  manufacturing and research plant within the United States. During this mock-up engineers looked at things like Kelvin temperatures, color rendering indexes and the overall light conditions in direct and indirect lighting to determine the optimal settings for the best possible video broadcast quality.

During that mock up testing professional tennis players were brought out to offer their input on the lighting conditions. They explained their preferences and what could be better about the system and it was modified to function even better. Finally a television crew was brought in from the U.K. to test out the broadcasting conditions and make sure that the images would come through clearly under the new lights. All the testing helped the company come up with the optimal light settings so that they can be applied during the final installation at Wimbledon Centre Court.

Long Term Durability

The massive light system comes with a long-term warranty that covers parts and repairs over the next decade, showing just how reliable LED lighting is when it’s of a high quality. The new system should save Wimbledon money in electricity expenses during closed-roof tennis matches, while also helping to lower maintenance and repair costs over the next decade.

The final light system won’t be on display until 2019 when it’s finally installed and ready to go, but it should create a positive viewing experience and make for more reliable play conditions for the pros at Wimbledon. It will also offer the added benefit of lower maintenance costs, long-term light operation and  more pleasant lighting conditions for everyone in the facility. Those are benefits worth making the upgrade for, and they’re exactly why the owners of Wimbledon decided to spend the money to improve the system.

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